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Empowering People with AI


We create AI-powered applications that could deeply enrich people's experiences, leveraging a data-driven approach to rapidly move from product design and development to widespread user adoption.


At the core of our innovation are cutting-edge AI technologies that drive our products and services:



We leverage both closed-source and open-source language models to power our products, pushing the boundaries of natural language processing and reasoning. Our dedicated team of experts also specializes in crafting custom models, meticulously tailored to meet unique user requirements and create unmatched performance in our AI-driven solutions.


AI agents are designed to enhance your daily life. These intelligent entities act as virtual assistants, offering services such as AI tutoring, automated grading, and content curation. Built on sophisticated mechanisms, they adapt to user behavior, provide personalized and efficient interactions.

App development

Our expertise extends to mobile app development, ensuring seamless integration of AI capabilities into your handheld devices. We create intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications that leverage AI to enhance user experiences, making everyday tasks smarter and more convenient.

Our Technologies

Products and Services


Sayo - Your AI tutor for language learning

Sayo offers an immersive language learning experience with over 100 real-life scenarios. Practice with instant feedback, at your own style and pace, and watch your language skills soar




Intelligent Investment Assistant

Designed to align with your investment profile and risk appetite, this AI-assisted tool distills relevant news and viewpoints, generating insights to help you construct and manage your investment portfolio effectively.


AI-powered public exam drills

DSEHero is your ultimate companion for acing public exams. Benefit from comprehensive AI-enabled tutoring, interactive Q&As, and a vast content library. Build a personalized study plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.


Consultation and Seminars

We offer consultation and seminars tailored to businesses seeking AI solutions and services. Additionally, we foster partnerships and collaborations within the education and financial sectors, facilitating growth and innovation in these industries.


Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is a research and development based company.

Our vision is to empower everyone with AI in all aspects of life.

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